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Mr. Macaroni Criticizes National Assembly Leadership for Alleged Holiday Fund Amidst Hardships

August 9, 2023






Prominent skit maker and activist, Debo Adedayo, widely recognized as Mr. Macaroni, has sharply criticized the leadership of the National Assembly for allegedly allocating funds to themselves for holidays while everyday Nigerians grapple with significant hardships.

Expressing his views in a tweet on Wednesday, Mr. Macaroni responded to a video featuring Senate President Godswill Akpabio, who seemingly made a slip of the tongue during a plenary session.

Akpabio informed his colleagues that the “Clerk of the National Assembly” had transferred a “token” to their respective accounts “to enable us to enjoy our holidays.”

Following a swift objection from fellow legislators and seemingly to defuse potential public backlash, Akpabio retracted his statement, stating that he had conveyed prayers instead.

In response, Mr. Macaroni lamented that the same Nigerian leaders who advocate for sacrifices from their constituents appear to disregard inconveniencing themselves for the collective welfare.

The accomplished actor and comedian penned, “The Senate President has drawn upon the scarce blessings of over 200 million people to direct lavish prayers towards himself and his already prosperous colleagues in the National Assembly.”






“These leaders are the very ones who implore struggling Nigerians to make sacrifices for the nation’s progress.”

“Amidst Nigerians enduring distressing hardships, our leaders seem to be channeling funds to enhance their holiday experiences.”

“Isn’t it the duty of our leaders, rather than the citizens, to shoulder the burden of sacrifice? Is service, selflessness, and sacrifice not central to leadership?”

“Why must the less privileged citizens of Nigeria bear the cost of our leaders’ extravagant lifestyles? This does not align with the essence of leadership!”


Source: The Herald

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