April 17, 2024
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Mother Arrested After Toddler Found Freezing: Compares Herself to Jesus Amid Controversy

January 27, 2024

In a shocking incident in Byram, Mississippi, Kambria Darby has been arrested following an emergency involving her 2-year-old son, who required paramedics’ attention for reportedly ‘freezing and shaking.’ Darby, in a Facebook post, controversially compared her situation to that of Jesus, claiming she was being “done like Jesus was.”

The Child Protective Services have taken custody of the child, later releasing him to a relative along with his two siblings. Darby faces potential jail time of up to six years if convicted for neglecting her child, though she adamantly denies any wrongdoing.

Defending her actions, Darby stated, “My village ain’t gone play about my 3 & neither do I! Again, I can’t say everything; it’s a legal matter. But my kids are not a charity case, they are not neglected, and I am not mentally ill! Stop it with the defamation!”

Reports indicate that the incident occurred in frigid temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, with the toddler allegedly clad only in a diaper. The situation gained attention when a woman, identified as Felicia Nicole, who attempted to protect the child and filmed the encounter, revealed she has been fired from Walmart where the incident took place.

“Walmart doesn’t care about their employees! I was only trying to help,” exclaimed Nicole in response to her termination. The unfolding events continue to spark debate and concern within the community.


Credit: @CollinRugg/X

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