March 1, 2024
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Miracles Are Forever Convention 2023: Unprecedented Spiritual Awakening, Starts in Lagos, Nigeria

November 19, 2023


The eagerly awaited Miracles Are Forever (MAF) Convention 2023 is set to commence today November 19th under the captivating theme, “God of Wonders.” Hosted annually by the esteemed Rev and Rev Mrs Yinka Yusuf, senior pastors of Household of Love Church and leaders of Love For All Nations Ministries, headquartered in Lagos, this convention promises to be an extraordinary event.

Known for its awe-inspiring display of miracles, signs, and wonders, this year’s MAF Convention is anticipated to be unlike any other. According to Rev Yinka Yusuf, the lead pastor, a divine plan is underway as God prepares to pour out His glory upon His church in an unprecedented dimension.

Rev Yinka Yusuf shares the divine directive he received, stating, “God has asked me to prepare and train the next generation of evangelists to go out and win souls into the kingdom.” In a supportive gesture, he distributed funds and equipment to encourage these evangelists, urging them to persist in their calling and keep the fire of evangelism burning.

In a prophetic revelation, Rev Yusuf speaks of a revival stirring in the hearts of men, both within the country and beyond. The Miracles Are Forever Convention is scheduled for a week, with a notable highlight being the Ministers Conference from November 21st to 25th, commencing at 10 am daily.



The global response has been overwhelming, with around 500 young men and women already registered to attend from various parts of the world.

Rev Yusuf prophetically declares a divine separation and the release of God’s glory upon a specific group of ministers during MAF. He envisions a global revival, a fire that will be ignited at this convention and spread to every corner of the world.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in this epoch-making revival meeting, which will also be streamed live on all the ministry’s social media platforms. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a partaker in this extraordinary spiritual awakening.

They can be reached across all the social media platforms.



Household of Love Church or Rev. Yinka Yusuf

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