July 22, 2024
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Members of Nigerian House of Representatives Seek Salary Review Amid Economic Challenges

July 13, 2023






Members of the Nigerian House of Representatives are requesting raises in their salaries and allowances, citing the removal of fuel subsidies and the state of the economy as reasons behind their concerns.

During a meeting on Tuesday, July 11, lawmakers raised their grievances about delayed payment of salaries and allowances, leading some to resort to taking loans. While the focus was primarily on the need for a salary increase, an anonymous lawmaker clarified that the discussion did not involve immediate financial demands.

Lawmakers expressed that their current salaries and allowances were insufficient to meet the demands of their positions, particularly in light of the economic challenges resulting from the fuel subsidy removal. The rising prices of goods and services across the country were noted as contributing factors during the discussion.

The Revenue Mobilization, Allocation, and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC) is responsible for determining the salaries and allowances of public officials and has proposed a 100% increase. However, the final approval of such an increase is pending the president’s decision and inclusion in the budget.

President Bola Tinubu submitted a communication to the House of Representatives on Wednesday, July 12, seeking an amendment to the 2022 Supplementary Appropriation Act. The proposed amendment aims to allocate ₦500 billion for the provision of palliatives to mitigate the effects of the fuel subsidy removal on Nigerians. President Tinubu emphasized the importance of this amendment to provide support and relief measures to alleviate the impact of the subsidy removal.

It should be noted that the speaker, Tajudeen Abass, did not make any immediate commitments regarding the salary and allowance review, as such matters require proper budgetary processes. The lawmakers understood the constraints faced by the speaker, considering the country’s current situation.

Source: The Guardian

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