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McCarthy Fires Back: Gaetz-Led Coup Was Personal, Says House Minority Leader

October 4, 2023

Dethroned Speaker says coup ringleader Matt Gaetz is taking revenge for a House Ethics Committee probe”….….






Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy didn’t mince words as he addressed reporters in a press conference on Tuesday following his unexpected removal from his leadership position. McCarthy, a California Republican, had his leadership post revoked in a surprising turn of events involving a parliamentary maneuver known as a motion to vacate the chair.

This unprecedented move was orchestrated by a group of eight Republican members, led by Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz. The group, including Gaetz, joined forces with 208 Democrats, marking the first time such a vote had occurred in over a century. Their primary argument was centered on McCarthy’s handling of a crucial vote to avert a government shutdown.

The rebels claimed that McCarthy’s willingness to approve legislation to keep the government running for the next 45 days was a sign of untrustworthiness. However, McCarthy wasn’t buying it. In his press conference, he pointedly accused Gaetz of having personal motives behind the ousting.

“You know it was personal. It had nothing to do about spending,” McCarthy asserted. He didn’t stop there; McCarthy drew attention to Gaetz’s fundraising efforts related to the move, describing it as “not governing” and “not becoming of a member of Congress.”

But the real source of tension between McCarthy and Gaetz seemed to stem from an ongoing investigation by the House Ethics Committee. The investigation revolves around allegations that Gaetz had engaged in illegal drug consumption and sex trafficking of an underage girl.

McCarthy emphasized, “Regardless of what you think… it was all about his ethics.”

Despite the dramatic turn of events, McCarthy expressed no regrets about allowing the stopgap funding bill to pass with Democratic votes. He defended his stance, saying, “Doing the right thing isn’t always easy, but it is necessary… I don’t regret standing up for choosing governance over grievance.”

McCarthy, who will remain in the House but will not seek to reclaim his former post, concluded on a reflective note, “So I may have lost the vote today, but as I walk out of this chamber, I feel fortunate to have served the American people.”

This shocking episode has left the Republican Party in a state of disarray, with questions arising about its leadership and unity moving forward.

Credit: Independent.co.uk



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