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Mark Dickey’s Astonishing Rescue: Emerging from 3,400ft Underground in a Turkish Cave

September 12, 2023








An American caver, Mark Dickey, found himself in a perilous situation hundreds of meters underground in southern Turkey. Fortunately, he was successfully rescued by a dedicated team of emergency workers.

Recep Salci from Turkey’s disaster and emergency management authority (AFAD) confirmed Mark’s safe rescue and his transfer to Mersin hospital via helicopter. Mark’s relieved expression as he was stretchered out of the cave spoke volumes.

Expressing his gratitude near the cave at a medical tent, Dickey remarked on the incredible feeling of being back above ground. He gave heartfelt thanks to his rescuers and the Turkish government, recognizing their swift and unconditional efforts to save him during his unexpected and extended ordeal due to a medical issue.

Dickey had been grappling with suspected gastrointestinal bleeding deep within the Morca Sinkhole, with the cave reaching a depth of 1,276 meters (4,186 feet), according to the Turkish Caving Federation. The alarm was raised on September 2 when he began experiencing severe gastric pain, prompting an international rescue operation.

Over 200 aid workers from various countries, including the United States, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, and Turkey, coordinated efforts to safely extract Dickey. The operation strategically divided the cave into seven parts, assigning different rescue teams to various depths.








After careful progress, rescue teams managed to relocate Dickey to a point 180 meters (590 feet) below the surface before ultimately bringing him to safety.

The Turkish Caving Federation provided updates, expressing optimism that Mark’s rescue would conclude soon. Their dedicated work and communication with a doctor inside the cave ensured a successful operation, ultimately culminating in Mark’s safe extraction from the cave at 12:37 am local time.

The entire operation was a triumph, and the Turkish Caving Federation extended their congratulations to all those involved.

Mark Dickey’s connection to caving runs deep, with a decade of experience as an instructor with the National Cave Rescue Commission. He also holds the role of medical commission secretary at the European Cave Rescue Association and serves as the executive director at Caving Academy.

His passion for caving has taken him across 20 different states in the U.S. and to 10 different countries, showcasing his dedication to the underground world.

Credit: CNN



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