May 20, 2024
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Let The Single Breath! Tobi Leaves Singles Drooling as He Rocks Pregnant Wife’s Outfit

August 20, 2023

Tobi Bakre, a popular Nollywood actor, competes in an in-house fashion show with his pregnant wife, Anu, while wearing her attire nicely.

The expectant father leaves his neck turning as he fits beautifully in his wife’s outfit while showing off his feminine part.

Anu shared the video on Instagram, asking her followers who looked better in the attire, herself or her husband.

“Who rocked it better???,” she queried.

Tobi Bakre claimed the award for himself among the thousands of comments that followed the video.

He also raved over his wife and how beautiful s pregnancy fits her, while suggesting a third child after this one.

­“I rocked it better Sha. Facts only! But Choi. Pregnancy looks good on you girl!!!!! After this. Another one?!” he noted.



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