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Lagos State Govt Approves Collection of Vehicle Ownership Verification Fee

June 28, 2023

The Lagos State Government has given its approval for the collection of a vehicle ownership verification fee of N1,000, as introduced by the Federal Government. This information was conveyed by Abdulhafiz Toriola, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transportation, during a press briefing held in Lagos on Tuesday.

The implementation of this new policy is scheduled to take effect in Lagos State from July 2023. The objective of this initiative is to streamline and improve the process of vehicle ownership verification, specifically the issuance of the annual Proof of Ownership Certificate (POC), according to Toriola. The introduction of this initiative aligns with the provisions outlined in the National Road Traffic Regulation 2012, as amended, No. 101, Vol. 99; Section 73 (1).

Toriola explained that the Federal Government has mandated the issuance of an annual Proof of Ownership Certificate for all registered vehicles. This certificate will serve as official documentation of a vehicle’s legal ownership, once the necessary requirements and procedures have been successfully completed. The Proof of Ownership Certificate (POC) will contain essential information, including the vehicle’s registration details such as license number plate, model, year of manufacture, as well as the owner’s name and address.

Among its various objectives, this decision aims to enable the real-time tracking of the status and integrity of all vehicles registered in the National Vehicle and Identification Scheme (NVIS) database. Toriola emphasized that the implementation of the Proof of Ownership Certificate (POC) is based on the enhanced safety and security it offers. As a result, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the Governor of Lagos State, has approved its commencement in Lagos State. The purpose of the press briefing was to provide public awareness and enlightenment regarding this new development.



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