April 17, 2024
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Kingsley Moghalu Advocates 50% Salary Cut for Political Office Holders and National Assembly Members Amid Economic Hardships

October 16, 2023










In response to the prevailing economic challenges in Nigeria, Kingsley Moghalu has put forth a suggestion for a significant cut in the salaries and allowances of political office holders and members of the National Assembly (NASS). Moghalu argues that, despite the economic hardship faced by the nation following the removal of petroleum subsidies, Nigeria’s political leadership continues to embrace extravagant practices.

“The governance culture in our country is a pressing issue that demands attention, beginning at the highest levels of government, from the presidency to the National Assembly,” said Moghalu during his statement on Monday. “It is crucial for the National Assembly to take part in this process, as a substantial portion of our resources are allocated there, and they are expected to operate independently from the executive branch.”

Moghalu continued, “They need to introspect and acknowledge that, even if they have erred in the past, they cannot persist in the same manner. I recommend a 50% reduction in the salaries of all political office holders and national legislators. This would encourage a more responsible approach and remind them of the challenging times we are facing.”

Addressing the issue of governance culture, Moghalu criticized the prevalent display of power and influence, terming it a detrimental practice that reflects government’s prioritization of self-interest and political power over service and leadership.

Moghalu questioned the common aspiration for sirens and long convoys in the country, emphasizing the failure of political leaders to emulate the practices seen in developed nations.

Furthermore, Moghalu expressed concerns about the increasing borrowing trend in Nigeria, asserting that the funds acquired through loans are often not utilized for the intended purposes. He explained, “My comment is a reflection of the fact that the political class, on a broader scale, has impeded the economic progress of our nation due to their self-serving and rent-seeking behavior. This is the real issue, not borrowing.”

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