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Killing of Senior Woman by Homeless Nigerian Sparks Nationwide Outcry and Discussion in Italy

August 10, 2023

Photo Credit: Italy 24 News


The National Military Police force of Italy in Trento, led by prosecutor Fabrizio De Angelis, are diligently working to piece together the intricate details of the heinous murder of Iris Setti. The 61-year-old pensioner met a brutal end at the hands of a homeless man on a fateful Saturday evening in a Rovereto park while en route to visit her mother.

The shockwaves from this crime reverberated not just through the small town of under 40,000 inhabitants, but also throughout the entire province and across Italy. The incident even prompted a response from the country’s national political figures.

Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi and Infrastructure Minister Matteo Salvini both reached out to their respective law enforcement agencies, expressing their concern over how such a tragedy could occur and whether preventative measures could have been taken.

A Checkered Past and Concerns Ignored:

The individual allegedly responsible for the murder is a 40-year-old man of Nigerian origin who had already been on the radar of law enforcement due to a history of previous attacks.








The leader of the National League, Matteo Salvini, questioned why the suspect, who had been involved in multiple previous violent incidents, was still free to commit such a heinous act.

Salvini pointed out that the suspect had even attacked a passerby and assaulted law enforcement officers in a previous incident, which was captured on video.

Details of the Horrific Incident:

Iris Setti’s life came to a tragic end around 10:30 PM on a Saturday evening as she traversed Nikolayevka park in Rovereto, near Palazzo Europa. The violence she endured was witnessed by residents living nearby, who were drawn to the sound of her screams as she valiantly attempted to fend off her attacker.

They looked out and were confronted by a chilling scene: Setti lying defenseless on the ground, her pants pulled down, as her assailant mercilessly punched her with a horrifying intensity.

Setti succumbed to her injuries a few hours later at Santa Chiara Hospital in Trento. The assailant’s attempt to escape was short-lived, as the carabinieri apprehended him just a few hundred meters from the crime scene. He was taken into custody on charges of voluntary homicide.

Political Reactions and Suspicions:

The tragedy has ignited a political firestorm, exposing discrepancies in the handling of the suspect.

Rovereto Mayor Francesco Valduga expressed his condolences and commitment to understanding the circumstances that led to such a devastating event. Meanwhile, criticism has been directed at those who allegedly failed to take action to prevent the suspect’s violent tendencies.

The Trentino League, led by Mara Dalzocchio, criticized Valduga for downplaying the park’s known dangers and not taking preventative measures.

Amid the Outrage, Calls for Investigation:

The incident has sparked concerns of sexual violence, drawing parallels to previous crimes against women like Mara Fait. While some believe that the attack was motivated by an attempt at sexual assault, investigators are yet to confirm this theory.

The carabinieri are determined to uncover whether the two individuals knew each other or if their encounter was purely coincidental.

An autopsy on Iris Setti’s body may yield more insights into whether the attacker acted in a fit of madness or if her tragic demise adds to the sorrowful list of femicide victims in Italy.

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