July 21, 2024
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Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Undergoes Emergency Heart Procedure Amidst Contentious Judicial Overhaul Debate

July 23, 2023








Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was admitted to the hospital for an emergency heart procedure, just hours before a crucial debate on his government’s contentious plans to reform the judicial system.

The 73-year-old underwent a successful surgery to have a pacemaker installed, and doctors reported that he was in stable condition. The Prime Minister’s office stated that he is expected to be discharged later today.

The unexpected medical development occurred amid escalating tensions in the country, as lawmakers prepared to discuss the first major legislation for an overhaul of the judicial system. A parliamentary vote on the proposed reforms is scheduled for Monday.

Netanyahu and his allies argue that the judicial overhaul is necessary to address the “excessive powers” of unelected judges. However, critics fear that the plan could lead to authoritarian rule, as it seeks to limit Israel’s Supreme Court’s ability to overrule government actions based on legal grounds.

In a show of protest against the reform plans, tens of thousands of demonstrators marched on the main highway into Jerusalem, attempting to block Netanyahu’s proposed changes. Many protesters have also set up tents in a nearby park ahead of the expected Monday vote.

The controversial plan has drawn criticism not only from protesters but also from more than 100 of Israel’s former security chiefs, medical leaders, businesses, and military reservists. The latter group threatened to stop reporting for duty if the reforms are passed into law.

Netanyahu’s sudden hospitalization has added an unexpected twist to the unfolding events. However, with the Prime Minister expected to be discharged later today, he may still have an opportunity to participate in the final parliamentary vote on Monday.

The coalition government, comprising nationalist and religious parties, believes that the Supreme Court’s involvement in politics needs to be curbed. Conversely, opponents argue that the proposed changes are being rushed without sufficient consideration, potentially granting unchecked power to the executive branch.









As the country awaits the outcome of Monday’s vote, voices of concern, hope, and frustration are resonating across Israel. A 24-year-old student in Jerusalem expressed her feelings, stating, “We’re worried, we’re scared, we’re angry. We’re angry that people are trying to change this country, trying to create a democratic backslide. But we’re also very, very hopeful.”

Source: The Independent

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