April 15, 2024
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September 29, 2023



There’s been Backlash from the general public and her party members after the UK Home Secretary called for the Overhaul of the U.N. Rules stating that multiculturalism has failed.

The two Tory MPs criticise Suella Braverman’s ‘alarmist’ speech on migration and have distanced themselves from home secretary’s talk of ‘existential challenge’ as she called for human rights reform.

iNewsZone captures reactions to issues on the front burner. Read the excerpts below….


• Home secretary Suella Braverman, on a jolly at taxpayers’ expense to the US, says that multiculturalism has failed (Metro, Wed) when she – as the child of migrants from Mauritius and Kenya – is the living embodiment of it succeeding. Is the concept of self-awareness beyond her?

Vince, London


• Suella ‘Cruella’ Braverman has once again shown herself to be cold-hearted and desperate with her attack on the UN’s

1951 Refugee Convention.

We need to stand shoulder to shoulder with these human beings and support their simple desire to escape from any form of discrimination and persecution, many in fear of their lives.

Let us never forget our humanity and always be willing to look upon these so-called ‘unwelcome’ people with our hands and our hearts forever open.

Steve, Harrow


• What a horrible person we have as our home secretary, constantly demonising poor asylum-seekers and immigrants.

This is especially repugnant coming from someone who herself is the child of migrants.

Maybe as a country we should send all immigrants, especially those from Mauritius or Kenya, back to their country of origin – or Rwanda, if they prefer.

Somehow I don’t think Suella would agree with that policy.

Shame on you, Suella. I don’t know how you sleep at night.

Joe Fitzgerald, Liverpool


According to Suella Braverman, She alst multiculturalism has failed. Does she want the eyes apartheid again? Does she want other

‘inferior’ races to be separated? Wasn’t

that the reason for the Holocaust?

She also says that fearing discrimination for being gay or a woman should not be enough to qualify for refugee protection.

This after Uganda recently introduced the death penalty for homosexual activities.

Pedro, Hammersmith


• Braverman’s ridiculous comment that multiculturalism has failed could not be further from the truth.

In her speech to a US think tank, she said it was a ‘misguided dogma’. Rubbish.

There are multicultural and ethnically diverse communities living and working in harmony throughout the UK.

The fact that Braverman had immigrant parents is testament to the fact that Britain welcomes ethnically diverse families.

We also have an ethnically diverse cabinet and our first Hindu PM.

London has a Muslim mayor and Scotland a Muslim first minister.

What on earth is Braverman talking about? She should be thoroughly ashamed of herself for making such unacceptable and untrue comments.

She also shames the British nation in the eyes of the world for having made such statements.

Al, Charlton


• Suella Braverman’s frankly unhinged speech is a clear demonstration of the need for voter reform.

For too long, the broad churches of major parties have allowed festering extremism from obdurate ideologues to drive divisive policies from the shadows.

Proportional representation will force them to stand in the limelight of scrutiny and be exposed for their real beliefs.

Neil. Birmingham



Metro UK

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