April 16, 2024
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Intense Clashes Erupt in Proximity to Gaza’s Main Hospital Amid Netanyahu’s Rejection of Cease-Fire Pleas

November 12, 2023




Israeli strikes relentlessly pound Gaza City, specifically targeting the area around the largest hospital, exacerbating an already critical situation. With thousands trapped inside, including medics, patients, and displaced individuals, the situation at Shifa Hospital grows increasingly dire due to a lack of electricity and diminishing supplies.

In a televised address on Saturday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defiantly rejects international pleas for a cease-fire, emphasizing Israel’s commitment to bringing its “full force” against Hamas. The ongoing conflict aims to end Hamas’ 16-year rule in Gaza and dismantle its military capabilities, but mounting global pressure highlights the severe impact on the 2.3 million Palestinians trapped in the besieged territory.

Reports from Gaza City describe intense airstrikes and shelling overnight, with concerns heightened around Shifa Hospital. Israel alleges that Hamas is using the hospital compound for military purposes, a claim denied by the militant group and hospital staff.

The situation at Shifa takes a tragic turn as the last generator runs out of fuel, resulting in the deaths of premature babies and other patients. Israeli snipers reportedly surround the hospital, hindering any attempts at evacuation. The military insists on a safe corridor for civilians, but those inside the hospital express fear and reluctance to venture outside.

The Health Ministry in Hamas-ruled Gaza reports a grim reality: 1,500 patients, 1,500 medical personnel, and 15,000 to 20,000 shelter-seekers are still at Shifa. With other hospitals also facing challenges, emergency care becomes increasingly inaccessible, leaving civilians in dire need.

As Netanyahu rejects international postwar visions, outlining plans for Gaza’s demilitarization and Israel’s continued control, the conflict threatens to escalate further. The U.S. opposes an Israeli reoccupation of Gaza, emphasizing a unified Palestinian government in both Gaza and the West Bank.

More than 11,000 Palestinians, two-thirds of them women and minors, have been killed since the war began, according to the Health Ministry in Gaza, which does not differentiate between civilian and militant deaths. About 2,700 people have been reported missing and are thought to be trapped or dead under the rubble.

At least 1,200 people have been killed on the Israeli side, mostly civilians killed in the initial Hamas attack. Forty-six Israeli soldiers have been killed in Gaza since the ground offensive began.

About 250,000 Israelis have been forced to evacuate from communities near Gaza, where Palestinian militants are still firing barrages of rockets, and along the northern border with Lebanon.

Amidst these developments, the humanitarian crisis worsens, prompting calls for temporary pauses to allow aid distribution. However, Israel’s agreement only includes brief daily periods for civilians to flee the conflict zone.


































Credit: AP

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