April 14, 2024
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May 13, 2023

Kanye West has lost his appeal with a lot of people and companies … but that doesn’t mean he’s stopped creating, as evidenced in a recent trademark filing.

Ye’s Mascotte Holdings Inc. recently filed for “YZY SOCK SHOES.” The documents, obtained by TMZ, were submitted May 4 — and while there’s not a whole lot of detail — there is an identification that reads, “Socks; socks with leather soles.”

Of course, Kanye’s no stranger to shoe design … and he was actually spotted wearing what appeared to be a sock shoe-type design back in 2019, so it’s possible he’s bringing the product to the masses.

As for a retail partner, that’s where Ye might have some troubles … as you know, Adidas cut ties with him after his countless attacks on Jewish people and his praise of Hitler.

He could always sell through his Yeezy brand, but it’s currently unknown what sort of infrastructure still remains behind the scenes of the company.

Earlier this week, Adidas announced it planned to sell off the remaining $1 billion+ in Yeezy shoes it still has in stock — Kanye will get 15% of sales — and some of the money will also go to charities. (TMZ)

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