May 25, 2024
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“If you support APC, I don’t want you around me.” – Denola Grey

March 19, 2023

Actor and media personality, Denola Grey has reacted to widespread violence and voter intimidation in the current governorship and house of assembly elections associated with the All Progressives Congress. (APC).

Taking to the microblogging platform, Twitter, the actor voiced his disdain for the All Progressives Congress, which has been connected to some of the violence in some voting stations in Lagos state.

Denola informed APC supporters that they are culpable for the attack and that he does not appreciate or want them around him.

According to him, they supported APC because of their greed to spend money that doesn’t belong to them.

He tweeted;

“Honestly if you support APC you’re complicit. I do not respect you. I don’t want you around me. There is no room for neutrality in this. This is blatant evil.
All this because of greed? Because you want to steal and “chop” money that doesn’t belong to you? Curses are too calm. Hell is too cold.”


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