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I can’t stop sleeping with every guy in my street – Nigerian lady seeks help

August 20, 2023

A Nigerian woman has gone online to complain and seek assistance from netizens about her struggle with sexual promiscuity addiction.

The woman admitted to having an insatiable desire to sleep with men who live in the same neighborhood as her.

According to the lady, she moves every year as a result of her poor habit of sleeping with males on her street, which she cannot break.

She claimed to have relocated to a new neighborhood the previous week, but she has already slept with four different men.

In her words; “Is it a bad habit if as a lady you cannot rest until you sleep with every guy in your street?

I feel ashamed most times and I relocate to a different area every year, yet I will still do same thing. Just last week I came to this new area, I have slept with 4 different guys. How do I stop?”


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