April 21, 2024
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“I Am Becoming Useless Because of You”: Secondary School Teacher Exposes Letter Student Wrote to her

May 22, 2023

A secondary school teacher in Nigeria has shared a photo of the surprising letter she received from one of her students The student, in his letter, professed his undying love for her and begged her to give him a chance to prove his love The young boy went ahead to beg the teacher to overlook his age and focus more on reciprocating his love.

In his words:

This might sound strange to you but I mean every word. From the first time I saw you in school, it was as if my brain cell stopped working.

“Each time I see you it will be as if smoke is coming out from my eyes. Your beauty is killing me seriously. Although I am still in secondary school, I have plans of becoming a rich man. “I know you will say I am a small boy but let me tell you when you are in love age does not matter. I am becoming very useless all because I keep thinking of you.

“Each time I close my eyes I see your picture. Please consider my request and make me useful for once.”

See the letter reposted by @mediagist below:









Social media reactions

@dennis__ said: “Nawa o. Wetin dey do children of these days?”

@chairwoman66 commented: “Just send the letter to his parents to see the boy they are raising.”

@adamma added: “Someone that should be focusing on how to correct his grammatical errors.”


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