March 2, 2024
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Hunter Biden Files Lawsuit Against Rudy Giuliani and Attorney for Alleged Unauthorized Access to Personal Data

September 26, 2023









In a recent legal development, Hunter Biden has taken legal action against Rudy Giuliani and attorney Robert Costello, accusing them of accessing and sharing his personal data without authorization. The lawsuit, filed in California, alleges that Giuliani and Costello obtained this data from the owner of a Delaware computer repair shop. This move is part of Hunter Biden’s efforts to counter the actions of Republican allies of former President Donald Trump, who have circulated his private information, including purported emails and embarrassing images, in an attempt to undermine President Joe Biden.

The lawsuit claims that Giuliani and Costello spent years “hacking into, tampering with, manipulating, copying, disseminating, and generally obsessing over” the data, which they obtained either through theft or unauthorized access from Biden’s devices or storage. This alleged breach of privacy has led to what the suit describes as the “total annihilation” of Hunter Biden’s digital privacy.

Furthermore, the lawsuit contends that Biden’s data was not only accessed but also “manipulated, altered, and damaged” before being shared with Giuliani and Costello. According to the suit, these actions violated laws against computer hacking. As a remedy, Hunter Biden seeks unspecified damages and a court order to return the data and prevent any further copies from being made.

In response to the lawsuit, Ted Goodman, a political adviser to Giuliani, denied claims of manipulation of the laptop hard drive but added that he was “not surprised,” given the contents of the data. Attorney Robert Costello, who previously represented Giuliani, declined to comment on the matter.









This lawsuit is the latest development in the ongoing saga surrounding the laptop, which gained public attention in October 2020 through a New York Post story. While Hunter Biden does not explicitly confirm the laptop’s ownership, he acknowledges that “at least some” of the data on it was related to him.

Separately, the Justice Department is conducting an investigation into Hunter Biden’s taxes, and charges related to firearm purchase and possession have been filed against him following the breakdown of a previous plea deal on tax and gun charges. Biden plans to plead not guilty to the gun-related charges.

House Republicans have also continued to investigate Hunter Biden’s business dealings and their alleged connections to President Joe Biden as part of an impeachment inquiry. A hearing on these claims is expected soon.

Hunter Biden, who had previously remained silent as his personal data circulated publicly, has now adopted a different approach. He has filed multiple lawsuits against individuals and entities connected to the dissemination of his data, signaling that more legal actions may be on the horizon.

In addition to pursuing legal action, Hunter Biden has called for an investigation into Giuliani, Costello, and the owner of the Wilmington computer repair shop where the laptop was reportedly left in April 2019.

Giuliani reportedly provided the laptop’s information to a reporter at the New York Post, which initially reported on its contents. Hunter Biden’s attorney has requested a federal investigation into these actions.

Credit: Associated Press

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