July 13, 2024
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Hunter Biden Agrees to Private Deposition with House Republicans After Months of Resistance

January 18, 2024










Hunter Biden has finally agreed to appear before House Republicans for a private deposition on Feb. 28, following months of defiance. The House Oversight Committee announced this breakthrough, emphasizing the end to a prolonged standoff between the president’s son and the committee.

The decision comes after extensive negotiations and the potential looming threat of a contempt resolution. Republican leaders, including Rep. James Comer and Rep. Jim Jordan, expressed their anticipation for Hunter Biden’s testimony, which will follow interviews with other Biden family members and associates.

The backstory involves Republicans issuing a subpoena to Hunter Biden in November, demanding a private appearance by mid-December. However, Biden and his attorneys rejected this, citing concerns about selective leaks and manipulation of information. They insisted on a public setting for his testimony.

This disagreement led to further tensions, with Biden making appearances at the U.S. Capitol but refusing private testimony. The situation escalated as Republicans sought to connect Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings to his father, President Joe Biden. The impeachment inquiry, initiated in September, has centered heavily on Hunter Biden’s international business affairs, attempting to determine if the president benefited from these dealings.

The resolution to hold a private deposition signifies a crucial development in the ongoing investigation, bringing an end to the months-long impasse and setting the stage for Hunter Biden to provide insights into his business activities abroad.



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