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How Mohbad’s dad, mother-in-law fought over deceased’s land – Wife’s sister

September 14, 2023

Late Nigerian singer MohBad’s sister-in-law, has accused his family of engaging quickly laying him to rest, without giving Nigerians the chance to pay last respect.

The woman also alleged that MohBad’s father fought his mother to seize the piece of land where the singer was buried.

Vanguard reported that talented music sensation, Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba died on Tuesday and was buried the following day in the Ikorodu area of Lagos.

However, as Nigerians continue to mourn the singer, his distant relatives have engaged in a rift over his estate, shifting blame over the cause of his death.

In a video seen by Vanguard on Thursday, Mohbad’s sister-in-law disclosed intricate accounts of a dispute between Mohbad’s father and his mother-in-law regarding a property the late artist had purchased.

She also warned Mohbad’s family to desist from victimising her sister, Omowunmi, a plea that has ignited fervent reactions.

MohBad’s sister-in-law accused the late singer’s family of attempting to lay claim to his assets, currently held by his wife, Omowunmi.

Earlier, in one of the viral videos, an alleged elder of Mohbad’s family was seen telling the sympathisers during the burial that the singer’s wife could not be trusted.

The fresh video that surfaced on Thursday had MohBad’s sister law who spoke in both Yoruba and English languages, saying there was a dispute between the singer’s father and his mother-in-law over the land owned by the deceased.

She said, “He took the land from Mohbad before he died. He was buried on the land.”

Mohbad’s sister-in-law questioned why the singer’s family chose not to give him a proper burial in a suitable cemetery, preventing Nigerians from paying their last respects before hastily burying him.

She stated, “MohBad’s father fought my mum over the land and took it from her. MohBad’s mother is an easygoing person. She’s not troublesome.

“My mother had to release the land for MohBad’s father. He took the land from MohBad before he died, and he was buried on the same piece of land.”

“Why couldn’t they bury MohBad at Lekki cemetery that befitted his status? Would his wife have the pride to take their child to see MohBad’s burial ground later in the future? Why didn’t they allow Nigerians to pay their last respect before they buried him?”The woman queried.

“You know they wouldn’t have the guts to ask for the estate from his wife if they didn’t lay him to rest. That was why they rushed his burial. We’re not after MohBad’s estate. What I’m concerned about is MohBad’s wife’s safety and Liam’s safety. They are my own priority. My younger sister didn’t know anything about MohBad’s death,” she added.




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