April 21, 2024
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House of Representatives to Receive N70 Billion Allocation from Tinubu’s N819 Billion Palliative Fund

July 13, 2023







President Bola Tinubu has allocated N70 billion from his proposed N819 billion palliative fund to the House of Representatives. The allocation is intended to cushion the impact of fuel subsidy removal on Nigerians and support the working conditions of new members of the House.

The announcement was made by the Speaker of the House, Rep. Tajudeen Abbas, who read Tinubu’s letter on July 12. The allocated funds will contribute to providing palliatives to alleviate the effects of fuel subsidy removal on Nigerians.

Deputy Speaker Rep. Benjamin Kalu commended President Tinubu for his decision, praising his courage and boldness. Kalu stated that Nigeria needed leaders who are sensitive to the welfare of the people, and Tinubu has demonstrated that he is such a leader. He highlighted that the palliative fund would not be a free giveaway but aimed to address the challenges faced by the National Assembly, including those specific to the House of Representatives.

The allocation of N70 billion to the House of Representatives reflects Tinubu’s commitment to supporting the legislative body during this transitional period. As the House works to address the challenges of fuel subsidy removal, these funds will contribute to improving their working conditions and fulfilling their responsibilities.

The N819 billion palliative fund has raised discussions and debates regarding its equitable distribution and the transparency of its utilization. As the implementation progresses, it will be essential to ensure that the funds are disbursed appropriately, reaching the intended beneficiaries and effectively mitigating the impact of the subsidy removal on Nigerians.

Source: NAN

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