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Heartbroken Chicago Mother Shares Her Story: Grandparents Charged With Killing 5-Year-Old After Soiling Incident

July 22, 2023






In a devastating incident that shocked the nation, a five-year-old girl named Jada Moore was reportedly beaten to death by her grandparents in Chicago earlier this month. Kimberly Elwoods, the mother of the young victim, has broken her silence, calling her own father, Klent Elwoods, “a monster” for his alleged role in the crime.

According to reports from FOX 32, Klent Elwoods confessed to whipping his granddaughter with a belt a dozen times as a punishment for soiling herself. His wife, Lisa Jones, was also charged with murder in connection with Jada’s death. Both face the possibility of life sentences in prison if convicted, as per ABC 7 Chicago.

Prosecutors in Illinois revealed chilling details about the prolonged abuse that Jada endured, indicating that the beatings had been going on for over two months before the child’s passing. The alleged incidents were triggered by several instances of the young girl soiling herself, as reported by the outlet.

During court proceedings, a distressing 911 call made by Klent Elwoods was played, in which he admitted to “beating my little granddaughter.” When responding officers arrived at the scene, they found Jada unclothed on the couch. Elwoods allegedly mentioned in the back of a police cruiser that he had been “a little too rough” with his grandchild.

Despite emergency efforts to revive her, Jada was pronounced dead at Corner Children’s Hospital, as reported by NBC Chicago.

The tragic series of events unfolded after Kimberly Elwoods asked her parents to care for Jada while she faced difficult times in Georgia. However, the circumstances took a dark turn, leading to this heart-wrenching outcome.

A judge has denied bond for Klent Elwoods and Lisa Jones, and they are set to appear in court on August 2nd, according to ABC 7.

In the wake of this unfathomable loss, Kimberly has set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds to bring Jada’s body back to Georgia. The fundraiser has already garnered significant support, but more help is needed to reach the $10,000 goal.

A touching vigil was held outside the grandparents’ home to remember little Jada and honor her memory, as reported by FOX 32.

This heartrending tragedy serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need to protect vulnerable children and ensure their safety and well-being. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Kimberly Elwoods and all those affected by this senseless loss.


Source: The Shade Room

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