April 17, 2024
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Happily married Nigerian woman reels out her educational qualifications after Twitter user said “higher education makes women unsubmissive and unmarriageable”

June 28, 2023

A US-based married Nigerian woman, Shakirat Raji, has reeled out her educational qualifications after a Twitter user said higher education makes most modern women “unsubmissive, unmarriageable and foolish”

“Most modern women cannot bear the burdens of higher education. The merits are numerous, but this is what it does to most: -Ruins their feminity. Makes many unsubmissive. Fight equality with their man. Made foolish than being wise. Overall, makes them unmarriageable.” the Tweep wrote:









Commenting on the tweet, Raji wrote:

“You be mumu. BSc Computer Science MSc Bioniformatics PhD Human-Computer- Interaction ( Uncompleted) MSc Cyber Security, Threat Intelligence and Forensics MSc Information Assurance and Cyber Security And happily married Next ????”












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