July 20, 2024
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Hamas Embraces Egyptian-Qatari Ceasefire Proposal

May 6, 2024



The Hamas militant group has announced its acceptance of an Egyptian-Qatari cease-fire proposal aimed at halting the seven-month-long war with Israel. The decision was conveyed through a statement issued on Monday, revealing that Hamas’ supreme leader, Ismail Haniyeh, delivered the news during a phone call with Qatar’s Prime Minister and Egypt’s Intelligence Minister.

Egypt and Qatar have played pivotal roles in mediating talks between Israel and Hamas in recent months, culminating in this breakthrough. While there was no immediate comment from Israel following Hamas’ announcement, it marks a potential turning point in the conflict.

The announcement from Hamas comes in the wake of Israel’s directive for Palestinians to evacuate the southern Gaza town of Rafah, signaling an impending military operation. Israeli authorities have identified Rafah as Hamas’ last stronghold in the region.

News of Hamas’ acceptance of the cease-fire proposal was met with jubilation among the residents of Rafah, who took to the streets to celebrate the prospect of peace.

Although specific details of the proposal have not been disclosed, recent discussions between Egyptian and Hamas officials suggest that the cease-fire will be implemented gradually. This process may involve Hamas releasing hostages it is holding in exchange for Israeli troop pullbacks from Gaza.

However, uncertainties linger over whether the proposed agreement will fully address Hamas’ demand for an end to the war and complete Israeli withdrawal. The intricacies of the deal are yet to be clarified, leaving room for further negotiations and potential challenges.

As the region cautiously awaits the implementation of the cease-fire proposal, hopes for a lasting peace between Israel and Hamas have been reignited. The coming days will be crucial in determining the feasibility of this agreement and its ability to bring about stability in the conflict-ridden region.


Credit: Associated Press (AP)

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