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Guinness World Records: Chef Dammy finally completes 120 hours, receives endorsement

June 14, 2023


While Hilda Baci received her much-awaited Guinness World record for cooking non-stop for 93 hours on Monday, her colleague in faraway Ekiti, Damilola Adeparusi, aka Chef Dammy, has completed her record attempt of 120 hours.

Although Hilda attempted to set a record of 100 hours, the Guinness World Records officials said a slight mistake on her part affected her set time goal.

Chef Dammy, 26, began on Thursday, 11 May, and continued to Monday, 15 May, cooking over 100 pots of food during her four-day kitchen stint.

She aimed to beat the Guinness record set by Hilda Baci in May.

Record broken

Last Friday at midnight Chef Dammy began cooking to set a record for the longest cooking marathon by an individual.

Her target was to cook for 120 hours, beating Hilda by 20 hours.

At exactly midnight on Wednesday, she reached her target to the jubilation of her team and her fans.

In celebrating the 120-hour milestone, she wrote, “Through it all, we came out. Not only did we come out, but we did it stronger, better, more resilient, and ready to take on more… Thank you for being there for us. We hit #120hours.”

Bungled Record?

A parody Guinness World Records account on Twitter has already bequeathed a title to Chef Dammy.

The account claims, “Chef Dammy is the new record holder for the shortest cooking church marathon”.


“After doing our calculation and research, we found out that she sleeps for 7 hrs and uses 2hrs to pick beans, and she owes us two months,” it posted.

These are just some of the few concerns expressed by Nigerians.

According to Guinness guidelines, for any record title associated with large amounts of food, such must either be consumed or distributed for consumption after it has been measured.

As with all record titles, the Record Guidelines must adhere to be considered a successful Guinness World Records title.

Other guidelines include the following, There must be two items cooked at any time. The number, weight and name of each item must be submitted with the evidence.

Also, everyone attempting a record of that nature receives a five-minute break for every hour they complete. A miscalculation of Hilda’s rest breaks cost her seven hours.

Hilda’s record attempt was live-streamed to her fans throughout.

Chef Dammy, on the other hand, had to pause her live stream on several occasions.

In one instance, the live video was running, and no cooking took place.


Other issues cited by Nigerians that may bar the Ekiti Chef from clinching the record include taking extensive breaks.

Some also speculate that Ms Dammy is required to wait at least a year before applying to beat Hilda’s record.

However, findings by the Foundation for Investigative Journalism say otherwise.

In its report, FIJ said that it applied for the same category Hilda won, and the Guinness World Record neither rejected nor stopped it from attempting.

“It also did not stop us from applying, given that it only just awarded Hilda Bassey the record on the same day we applied.

“According to the contract, we would have to provide evidence upon completing the attempt, and each attempt has its own distinct rules for presenting evidence,” the report reads.

The one-year wait, according to findings, applied when Guinness published its Book Of Records Holder annually.

Then, it was called the Guinness Book of Records. With advancement, most of the records are now published online.

According to the GWR website, out of 40,000 records in its database, only about 4,000 would feature in the annual publication.


While some believe that Chef Dammy was too quick to challenge Hilda’s record, others stood by her because she has the freedom to aspire to heights.

Yet, others believe that the young Chef did not stick to the rules of the Guinness World Records, making her 120 hours of cook-a-thon futile.


Despite the initial resistance she faced when she started her record attempt from those who felt she was challenging Hilda, Ms Dammy has been receiving some endorsements.

The Speaker of the Ekiti State House of Assembly, Adeoye Aribasoye, lauded Chef Dammy, encouraging her to remain focused on her resolve to break the world record for the longest time spent cooking.

Mr Aribasoye further urged her not to be distracted by criticisms in some quarters, especially on social media, as she aims for a new world record in cook-a-thon.

Also, a Nigerian doctor, Ayo Arojo, offered Ms Dammy N500,000. He further promised to take her on a cooking tour in the United States.

Similarly, the Vice-Chancellor of the Federal University Oye-Ekiti (FUOYE), Abayomi Fasina, a professor on Tuesday, visited Chef Dammy. Some members of the university council accompanied Mr Fasina.

He said, “In FUOYE, we motivate you to innovate. We encourage our students to pursue their dreams with sound and functional education, which we painstakingly impact on our students, and you are a shining example and testimony of the hard work of our dynamic lecturers.”

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