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Governor Hyacinth Alia Launches 16 Road Projects to Transform Makurdi Cityscape

August 7, 2023






Governor Hyacinth Alia of Benue State has embarked on an ambitious project to enhance urban infrastructure, as he inaugurated the construction of 16 distinct roads spanning 15.39 kilometers within the Makurdi metropolis.

The envisioned roads are projected to be finalized in a span of 11 months, with a budget of N6 billion allocated for the development.

Inaugurating the commencement of these arterial roads, Governor Alia extended his gratitude to the state’s residents for their unwavering support and trust in his leadership. He emphasized that the initiation of these roads aligns with his electoral pledges to bring about transformative change to the state’s infrastructure.

Among the roads slated for construction are Odeh-Ageh-John Felse Street (1.08km), which includes a spur to Akuma Abanyam and Othaniel Taanghar Street; Orkuma Akunda Street (810 meters); Lush Street (580 meters); and Augustinian Community Roads (1.13km) — all situated in the New GRA section of Makurdi. Additionally, Nigerian Navy Barracks Road (1.98km), Keghem Malu Street (420 meters), found along the Adeke/Achusa vicinity are also included.

The list continues with David Jebe Street (1.33km), Kormya City Guest House — Akpeme (450 meters), Tyagher Gbaa Street (640 meters), Victoria Aende Street (590 meters), and Keke NAPEP Street (1.450 km). Furthermore, in the North Bank area, Ghandi Street (1.43km), Federal Low-Cost Housing Road (1.1km), and in the High-Level region of Makurdi, Eight Avenue (760 meters) and lorkyaa Ako Street (extension) (700 meters), along with Ikeja — Sokoto Street (730 meters) situated in the Wadata precinct, are all earmarked for development.

Governor Alia voiced his enthusiasm about the undertaking, declaring, “The construction of these 16 roads, covering a distance of 15.39 km within Makurdi Metropolis, is truly monumental. This marks a crucial step in our dedication to overhaul Benue State’s infrastructure, as we set the foundation for a New Benue within our first 100 days in office.”

He urged the contractor, M/s Triacta Nigeria Limited, to diligently adhere to stipulated requirements and complete the project within the designated timeline.

Nabil Nassar, the Project Engineer, extended gratitude to the state government for entrusting the organization with this vital road development. He appealed for the cooperation of all stakeholders in Makurdi, fostering a peaceful environment conducive to the successful and timely execution of the project.

Engr Gabriel Akpen, Chairman of the Technical Committee on Infrastructural Planning and Implementation, noted that this initial phase comprises 15.3km of roads, with the upcoming second phase encompassing roads beyond Makurdi, especially in rural areas. He revealed that the total cost of this first phase approximates N6 billion.

Source: Nigerian Tribune


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