April 15, 2024
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Germany passes law to open up job opportunities for Nigerians, other non-EU migrants

June 23, 2023

The Bundestag, German federal parliament, passed a “new immigration law reform designed to encourage more people from outside the European Union to come to Germany for work,” DW reported on Friday.

With the new law, Germany is open for job seekers outside the EU, from countries in Africa and other continents of the world.

The law comes with an “opportunity card,” which allows foreigners to move to Germany for a year to seek job opportunities.

It also makes provision for refugees with necessary qualifications seeking asylum to get employment in Germany. Those on tourist visas can also benefit from the new law.

Also, immigrants with at least two years professional experience will no longer need to have their degrees recognised in Germany before they can join the labour market.


(People’s Gazette)

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