April 15, 2024
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Georgia Woman Fired from Job After Harassing Black Man Fishing in Viral TikTok Incident

July 16, 2023







A white woman in Georgia has been fired from her job after a viral TikTok video exposed her harassment of a Black man, Anthony Gibson, while he was fishing in his own neighborhood. The incident took place at a lake in Newnan, where the woman approached Gibson and began interrogating him.

As recorded in the TikTok video, the woman questioned if Gibson and his companion were residents of the neighborhood, asserting that the lake was exclusive to residents. When she noticed Gibson recording the encounter, she objected, claiming he didn’t have permission to film her.

Gibson, known on TikTok as @fishingbay2ga with a significant following, expressed his frustration during the video, noting that it was the third time he had been bothered by someone while fishing in his own neighborhood. He emphasized his right to film and his knowledge of the law.

Following the incident, Sea Glass Therapy, the company for which the woman worked as an independent contractor, announced on Facebook that they had terminated their business relationship with her. In their statement, the company expressed their commitment to acceptance, healing, and inclusion, affirming their stance against discrimination and their dedication to operating with integrity.

This incident is not the first time Gibson has faced harassment while fishing, as a previous encounter involving a white man calling the police on him was also captured on video. The viral TikTok videos shed light on the challenges faced by marginalized individuals in predominantly white neighborhoods and highlight the need for greater understanding and inclusivity.


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