May 30, 2024
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Georgia Boy Suffers Severe, Permanent Brain Injury After Choking on Grape

July 7, 2023

Photo Credit: WSBTV

The family of a Georgia 8-year-old boy is trying to find ways to pay for his care after he choked on a grape.

The choking accident happened nearly four years ago on August 11, 2019. Over those four years, Towanda Harris says her great-nephew’ Sincere’s life changed forever when a grape became lodged in his throat and deprived his brain of oxygen.

“Despite the efforts of medical professionals, Sincere now has minimal consciousness, unable to communicate or walk,” said Harris.

Harris said the bills have piled up for Sincere’s mother, who is a single mom and quit her job to become his caregiver. She has organized a GoFundMe to help his mother with medical treatments, specialized care, supplies, and equipment.

“She has been designated as the beneficiary over this campaign. No donation is too small, and all donations are greatly appreciated.”

What should you do if you see a child choking? First, make sure that the child is choking and not having a coughing fit. Stanford Medicine says a child who is choking will gag or make a high-pitched noise.

Ask the child if they are choking. If they nod yes or cannot respond, don’t panic. Have someone call 911 while you do these steps, according to Stanford Medicine.

  • Stand behind the child. Wrap your arms around the child’s waist.
  • Make a fist with one hand, thumb side in. Place your fist just below the chest and slightly above the navel.
  • Grab your fist with the other hand.
  • Press into the abdomen with a quick upward push. This helps to make the object or food come out of the child’s mouth.
  • Repeat this inward and upward thrust until the piece of food or object comes out.
  • Once the object comes out, take your child to the doctor. A piece of the object can still be in the lung. Only a doctor can tell you if your child is OK.
  • Since someone is already on the phone with 911, tell him or her immediately if the child passes out.


Culled from WSBTV

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