July 24, 2024
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George Stephanopoulos Takes Charge, Abruptly Ends Interview With Sen. J.D. Vance

February 4, 2024

An interview on ABC’s “This Week” featuring Sen. J.D. Vance took an unexpected turn as host George Stephanopoulos swiftly concluded the conversation following Vance’s suggestion that Donald Trump could defy Supreme Court rulings.

During the wide-ranging interview, Vance discussed various topics, including his advice to Trump in the event of re-election, where he suggested replacing bureaucrats with loyalists. When asked by Stephanopoulos about defying the Supreme Court, Vance argued that certain rulings, such as preventing the president from firing a general, could be deemed “illegitimate.”

  • Vance’s controversial remark came in response to a question about his 2021 podcast comments advising Trump to replace bureaucrats and stand firm against court challenges.
  • Stephanopoulos pressed Vance on whether it was acceptable for the president to defy the Supreme Court, leading to a heated exchange.
  • The interview covered diverse subjects, from Vance’s hypothetical stance on certifying the 2020 election results to Trump’s legal issues and Vance’s evolving opinion on Trump since 2016.

Despite the intriguing conversation, Vance’s interview was cut short as Stephanopoulos thanked him for his time, leaving Vance expressing disagreement in the background. Vance has not yet responded to requests for comment.



Credit: Huffington Post

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