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George Clooney Responds to Trump’s Accusation of Being a “Hollywood Elite”

September 29, 2023

In a recent turn of events, Hollywood actor and activist George Clooney has responded to accusations made by former President Donald Trump, who referred to him as a “Hollywood elite.” Clooney, known for his outspoken political views and philanthropic efforts, did not shy away from addressing the allegation.








In a statement released earlier today, Clooney emphasized that his career in Hollywood had given him a platform to advocate for causes he deeply cares about, including human rights, social justice, and global humanitarian issues. He expressed that being labeled a “Hollywood elite” was a simplification of his commitment to these causes, and he saw it as an opportunity to encourage more public discourse on important matters.

Clooney also took the opportunity to highlight his own upbringing and background, noting that he grew up in a humble family in Kentucky and worked diligently to build his career in the entertainment industry. He underlined that his success was a testament to the American dream and the opportunities available in the United States.

Furthermore, Clooney invited Trump to engage in a meaningful conversation about the issues that concerned him, stating that he was willing to have an open dialogue and share his perspective on various topics. He urged for a more constructive approach to addressing the challenges facing the nation.

This exchange between George Clooney and Donald Trump has sparked discussions about the role of celebrities in politics and the importance of civil discourse in today’s society. As the conversation unfolds, many are eager to see if this will lead to a broader discussion on the responsibilities and influence of individuals in the public eye.

George Clooney’response word for word is posted below:

“Here’s the thing: I grew up in Kentucky. I sold insurance door-to-door. I sold ladies’ shoes. I worked at an all-night liquor store. I would buy suits that were too big and too long and cut the bottom of the pants off to make ties so I’d have a tie to go on job interviews. I grew up understanding what it was like to not have health insurance for eight years.

So this idea that I’m somehow the “Hollywood elite” and this guy who takes a shit in a gold toilet is somehow the man of the people is laughable.

People in Hollywood, for the most part, are people from the Midwest who moved to Hollywood to have a career. So this idea of “coastal elites” living in a bubble is ridiculous. Who lives in a bigger bubble?

He lives in a gold tower and has twelve people in his company. He doesn’t run a corporation of hundreds of thousands of people he employs and takes care of. He ran a company of twelve people!

When you direct a film you have seven different unions all wanting different things, you have to find consensus with all of them, and you have to get them moving in the same direction.

He’s never had to do any of that kind of stuff. I just look at it and I laugh when I see him say “Hollywood elite.” Hollywood elite? I don’t have a star on Hollywood Boulevard, Donald Trump has a star on Hollywood Boulevard! Fuck you!”

– George Clooney

actor, philanthropist, humanitarian & activist

Credit: CalltoActivism/X

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