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Gabonese Military Officers Remove President Ali Bongo After Alleged Electoral Fraud

August 30, 2023

In a stunning turn of events, Gabonese military officers have taken action against President Ali Bongo, accusing him of orchestrating electoral fraud. A group of mutinous soldiers appeared on national television, annulling recent election results and dissolving key state institutions. This move followed President Ali Bongo’s contested third-term victory, which had been labeled a “fraud orchestrated” by the ruling party.

The soldiers’ announcement, broadcasted on Wednesday morning, marked a drastic shift in Gabonese politics. The coup plotters, after assuming control and imposing a nationwide internet shutdown, invalidated the election outcomes and disbanded governmental bodies. Footage from TV channel Gabon 24 showed the soldiers asserting that they were “ending the current regime” and canceling the election, despite official records indicating President Ali Bongo’s triumph.

Gunfire reverberated through the Gabonese capital, Libreville, as the announcement unfolded. One officer declared the dissolution of all republican institutions, emphasizing their commitment to peace and regime change. The coup organizers identified themselves as part of the “Committee for the Transition and Restoration of Institutions.” They officially nullified the August 26, 2023 general elections and shut down essential components of the state, including the government, Senate, National Assembly, and Constitutional Court.

Moreover, the soldiers announced the temporary closure of Gabon’s borders and confirmed that President Ali Bongo was under house arrest, purportedly in the presidential palace. Reports indicated jubilation in Libreville following news of the coup.

This unexpected development marks Gabon’s entry into a series of recent military takeovers within West Africa. Countries such as Mali, Chad, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Sudan, and Niger Republic have also witnessed similar upheavals over the past four years. Gabon’s political landscape has been reshaped, as the country grapples with the aftermath of this dramatic intervention.


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