April 14, 2024
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French Man Accused Of Drugging Wife, Inviting At Least 51 Men To Rape Her While He Filmed On Hidden Cameras

June 23, 2023

For about 10 years, a French man allegedly drugged his unsuspecting wife and filmed at least 51 men raping her.

According to court documents obtained by French news outlet Le Monde, the husband’s identity has been limited to Dominique P. He faces allegations of mixing anti-anxiety medication into his wife’s evening meals on multiple occasions between 2011 and 2020.

French Man Accused Of Drugging Wife To Let Dozens Of Men Rape Her Unconcious Body

After the wife became unconscious, her husband would allegedly invite various male guests to commit sexual acts with her sleeping body. Prosecutors say he often found his “guests” on a French dating site, in a chat room translated to mean “without her knowing.” The husband then filmed the rapes on hidden cameras.

Dominique’s alleged crimes first came to light in October 2020. The month prior, police had arrested him for allegedly trying to illegally film occupied changing rooms at a store. He reportedly confessed the arrest to his wife, but she stood by him–reportedly because his behavior felt uncharacteristic.

But police had withheld his phones, computer, and hard drives during the initial arrest. While searching his tech, cops discovered his wife was also a victim. They had located multiple videos on a USB drive under the file name: “ABUSES.”

When investigators relayed the details to Dominique’s wife, she reportedly broke down in tears. At first, she had described him as a “kind and caring” man, per New York Post. 

However, she admitted to experiencing flashbacks, fatigue, and absent-mindedness, which she attributed to the frequent drugging.

A doctor who examined the wife after the horrifying crimes found she had four different kinds of sexually transmitted diseases, both outlets report.

Married for over 50 years, the former French couple also reportedly share three adult children. Dominique’s wife immediately filed for divorce after the rape accusations surfaced in 2020.

Meanwhile, Dominique reportedly told investigators during interrogations that he “loves” his “saint” wife.

51 Men Arrested So Far, Husband To Be On Trial Pending Judge’s Investigation

As for the men involved, reports say 51 men– ages 26 to 73–have been charged with rape in connection to the alleged prolonged sexual abuse of Dominique’s wife.

The husband’s charges were not immediately known as of Friday (June 23). His motivation behind the repeated violations remains unknown. However, the wife reportedly told officials he has previously suggested swinging in their marriage. But she had declined because she needed emotional connections to have physical interactions.

A trial for Mr. Dominique is currently pending as a French judicial body determines his fate, according to Le Monde.


Source: The Shade Room

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