June 21, 2024
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Former Skye Bank Chairman, Tunde Ayeni, Clears Name with DNA Test Result

August 7, 2023






Tunde Ayeni, previously at the helm of the now-defunct Skye Bank, has shared that the outcome of a DNA test has provided evidence in his favor, absolving him from being the father of a child with Adaobi Alagwu, a lawyer in Abuja, who was once his estranged mistress.

Addressing the situation, Ayeni released a statement on Sunday, noting, “To dispel any uncertainties stemming from Miss Adaobi’s allegations, I hereby confirm that a DNA test was conducted to establish the child’s paternity.” He continued, “The Ayeni family has no ties to the child, and we shall never have any. Thus, I categorically deny any connection between me and the child and her mother.”

The controversy, revolving around a contentious paternity claim that dominated headlines recently, involved Alagwu accusing Ayeni of evading his parental duties towards the daughter they allegedly shared.

Ayeni, however, dismissed these assertions, clarifying that he is the father of three children he shares with his lawful partner, Abiola Ayeni. He stated, “I would like to reaffirm that I am a proud father to three wonderful children with my beloved wife, Abiola. They are the legitimate heirs of the Ayeni lineage. I have no offspring elsewhere.”

Addressing additional rumors suggesting he provided the mistress with a property and luxury vehicle, Ayeni referred to these claims as “products of mischievous imaginations.”

In a statement titled ‘Setting the Records Straight,’ Ayeni emphasized that he wouldn’t disclose the details of the DNA test to protect the innocent child involved, but he unequivocally asserted his lack of relation to her.

During the preceding week, Ayeni’s wife, Abiola, mounted a spirited defense of her husband in a candid interview with ThisDay. She described the estranged mistress as a “desperate gold digger” who had employed mystical practices to ensnare her “gullible” spouse.

While Ayeni acknowledged a brief involvement with Alagwu in 2019, Abiola Ayeni maintained in her interview that her husband could not have fathered Alagwu’s daughter.

Source: People’s Gazette

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