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Former President Trump’s Attorney Expresses Interest in Televised Jan. 6 Trial

August 7, 2023

Photo Credit: Yahoo News


John Lauro, a former attorney for President Trump in the January 6th case, expressed his support for House Democrats’ request to televise the trial. In an interview with Shannon Bream on “Fox News Sunday,” Lauro shared his desire to see the trial broadcasted, believing it would reveal the truth that the Biden administration might be trying to suppress.

“I personally would be thrilled to witness that,” Lauro commented. He went on to suggest that the Biden administration’s recent protective order aimed at limiting information dissemination was a deliberate attempt to withhold crucial details about the case from the public.

Lauro expressed his surprise that news networks had not yet challenged the broad scope of the Biden administration’s efforts to restrict information access during an election period. He asserted that the American people had a right to know, while implying that President Biden might not want transparency.

Just last week, Trump entered a plea of not guilty to four federal charges linked to alleged attempts to maintain power after losing the 2020 election. Special counsel Jack Smith urged the federal judge overseeing Trump’s case to impose a protective order for evidence due to social media threats made by the former president.

Lauro criticized these threats as a political reaction by Trump, underscoring the challenge of pursuing a political prosecution during an election season. He argued that President Trump’s responses were influenced by political dynamics, and the Biden administration’s efforts to limit information access would hinder the press from acquiring relevant exculpatory and material information.

According to Lauro, the Biden administration’s goal was to prevent all Americans from gaining insight into the non-sensitive aspects of the case during a politically charged period.

Source: The Hill/Yahoo News

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