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“FCT Natives Encourage Wike to Recreate Governorship Achievements”

August 17, 2023







Indigenous residents of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) are looking to the former governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, with expectations of his replicating his successful governance model in the nation’s capital. Following his appointment as the FCT Minister by President Tinubu, the FCT indigenes conveyed their optimism that Wike’s accomplishments as the governor of Rivers State would translate into substantial infrastructural development for Abuja.

In a congratulatory message addressed to Wike and organized by the Abuja Original Inhabitant Youth Empowerment Organization (AOIYEO), the FCT natives expressed their delight at his new role. They believed that Wike’s proficiency in transforming Port-Harcourt and his commitment to his previous state’s development would also extend to reshaping Abuja.

Commandant Isaac David, President of AOIYEO, articulated that Abuja’s holistic development necessitates a leader who can confidently uphold the city’s master plan, enhance security conditions, and contribute to the overall nation-building endeavor. The group emphasized the importance of Wike’s past experiences in managing a capital city like Port-Harcourt and the skills he cultivated there.

The FCT indigenous group commended the choice of Wike as the FCT Minister, asserting that his achievements and capabilities in Rivers State demonstrated his readiness to handle the capital city’s challenges. They highlighted Wike’s adherence to the master plan and his commitment to security and nation-building as qualities that would be vital in shaping Abuja’s future.

The group not only expressed their anticipation of Wike’s contribution to Abuja’s growth but also urged him to actively engage with all stakeholders, particularly the FCT’s indigenous youth. They stressed the significance of collaboration between the minister and the local populace, emphasizing the intricate nature of the city and the necessity for collective efforts toward a successful tenure.

In their concluding remarks, the FCT natives reiterated their confidence in Wike’s potential to replicate his accomplishments in Port-Harcourt within the Federal Capital Territory, paving the way for a brighter future for Abuja.

Source: Vanguard


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