June 13, 2024
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Ex-Militant Chief, Asari Dokubo, Asserts Readiness to Lead Mission Against Niger Republic Junta

August 9, 2023







In a recent social media video, former militant leader Asari Dokubo expressed confidence in his group’s ability to confront the current military regime in Niger Republic. Dokubo stated that if commissioned by the Federal government, he and his group are prepared to undertake a mission to defeat the junta that has taken control in Niger.

In his words;


‘’If the government commissions me and my people to go to Niger Republic, we will go. We will defeat them and we will come back victorious. It is not a boast. If Benin republic likes, let them go and bring any body, they are human beings like us. We will go there, defeat them and defeat them and restore democratic order”


Source: LIB

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