June 22, 2024
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“Elon Musk Disrupted Internet Access for Ukraine’s Military During Russian Fleet Conflict”

September 7, 2023

New details have emerged regarding a critical incident involving SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet service and Ukrainian submarine drones. According to a forthcoming biography of Elon Musk, the SpaceX founder, the service was abruptly cut off as the drones were launching an attack on the Russian Black Sea Fleet. This revelation underscores the significant influence Musk holds as he controls both a dominant high-speed communication network and a major public discourse platform.









The incident led to a scramble by Ukrainian and American officials to have the service restored, highlighting the reliance of governments on private entities like SpaceX. It also emphasizes the challenges when private companies innovate at a faster pace than governments or competitors.

The biography by Walter Isaacson sheds light on Musk’s influence and decision-making at his company X (formerly known as Twitter). It discusses how Musk stopped warning X users about state-controlled media content and how propaganda and hate speech spread on the platform.

The incident in Ukraine prompted the Pentagon to grant SpaceX a contract, aiming to ensure more control and prevent sudden service cutoffs in the future. This situation underscores the balance that the government must maintain when dealing with commercial technology and private companies.

SpaceX’s Starlink constellation, which provides internet service, has played a crucial role in connecting remote communities and aiding disaster recovery efforts. Musk’s company’s rapid innovation in this field has outpaced its competitors, solidifying its dominant position.

Despite facing initial challenges in securing contracts, SpaceX has become a reliable partner for NASA and the U.S. military. Elon Musk’s relentless drive and emphasis on speed have been key factors in SpaceX’s success.

SpaceX’s innovative approach, including the use of fixed-price contracts, has been praised for driving efficiency and lowering costs. The company’s future projects, such as the Starship, are also gaining attention from the Space Force.

Overall, this revelation in the biography sheds light on the complexities of private sector innovation, government reliance, and the influence of key individuals like Elon Musk in shaping the future of space and communication technology.

Credit: Washington Post


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