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EFCC Struggles with Highest Number of Inconclusive Cases Worldwide – Official

July 31, 2023







The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has expressed distress over its extensive backlog of ongoing investigations, attributing the issue to internal challenges.

During a capacity-building workshop held in Abuja and organized by the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, EFCC Secretary George Ekpungu urged investigators and prosecutors to promptly conclude pending cases to prevent prolonged proceedings that may hinder the government’s interests.

The four-day workshop aimed to enhance the capabilities of EFCC personnel in the recovery and management of proceeds from criminal activities.

Mr. Ekpungu emphasized EFCC’s pivotal role in the fight against corruption and urged his colleagues to effectively recover the ill-gotten gains of criminals as a deterrent to financial crimes.

Meanwhile, EFCC Chairperson Abdulkarim Chukkol highlighted the significant progress made in Nigeria’s anti-graft campaign and underscored the need to focus on prevention, thorough investigations, assets tracing, recovery, and management in the next phase.

Stalled investigations and court cases involving several prominent political figures have been a cause of concern, including cases against former governors and a seven-year delay in the trial of a former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki.

The enactment of the Proceeds of Crime (Recovery and Management) Act 2022 has provided the legal foundation for seizing assets linked to unlawful activities, further emphasizing the importance of its effective implementation.

The workshop’s lead facilitator, Yemi Akinseye-George, emphasized the significance of the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) in eliminating incentives for criminal activity, and attendees from other agencies like ICPC and NDLEA also participated in the event.

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