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Drama Unfolds on Arise TV’s This Morning Show as APC Chieftain Clashes with Interviewer

October 30, 2023

In a recent episode of Arise TV’s This Morning Show, tensions ran high as Jesutega Onokpasa, a prominent member of the All Progressives Congress, engaged in a heated exchange with Arise TV’s interviewer, Rufai Oseni.

The dispute arose when Oseni and Onokpasa clashed over their differing perspectives on the topic of fuel subsidy removal. While Oseni attempted to convey his viewpoint, Onokpasa repeatedly interrupted, prompting Oseni to assert, “Let me finish, Mr. Onokpasa. Let me finish, please.”

This assertion did not sit well with Onokpasa, who accused Oseni of being disrespectful. Pointing a stern finger at the screen, Onokpasa retorted, “Please, don’t raise your voice at me, young man. Don’t raise your voice at me, Rufai. I’m your guest, and you will respect me. I’ll leave your studio if you raise your voice at me. Talk to me respectfully.”

In response, Oseni calmly stated, “You’re free to make that decision if you wish. I’m here to ask questions. It’s your prerogative whether to stay or leave.”

Despite the tension, the discussion continued with both parties talking over each other, and Onokpasa declined to address the question posed by Oseni.

Source: Arise TV


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