June 21, 2024
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“Demands for Resignation: Activist Timi Frank Confronts Akpabio Regarding Senators’ ‘Vacation Allowance'”

August 9, 2023









Prominent democracy advocate Comrade Timi Frank has strongly criticized Senate President God’swill Akpabio following his disclosure that funds were disbursed to Senators by the National Assembly management for their annual vacation.

Frank labeled Akpabio’s televised statement as a “disgraceful spectacle,” condemning the use of national resources for leisure while Nigerians grapple with hardships. He called for Akpabio’s immediate resignation, asserting that such behavior undermines democracy and mocks the citizens.

Akpabio’s announcement during a plenary session led to public outrage, prompting him to modify his statement to refer to prayer emails rather than monetary disbursements. The Senate adjourned until September 26 for its annual recess.

Frank urged President Bola Tinubu to intervene and put an end to what he deemed a national embarrassment, demanding Akpabio’s resignation.

He also called on the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) to suspend communications with the government until workers’ demands for higher wages are met.

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