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David Beckham responds to “fix” claims before Lionel Messi pulls off another dramatic win

August 24, 2023

Since signing Lionel Messi , Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba, the MLS franchise have been involved in a number of thrilling matches – leading to bizarre questions from journalists in the USA


David Beckham says people suggesting Inter Miami’s recent wins are a “fix” are paying them a massive compliment.

Since signing Lionel Messi, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba, the MLS franchise have been involved in a host of thrilling games. The former Barcelona trio have transformed the fortunes of Beckham’s franchise, winning their first-ever trophy in a dramatic penalty shoot-out victory against SC Nashville in the Leagues Cup final last weekend. After that game, Beckham responded to “fix” claims when a reporter stated their recent games have almost seemed scripted.


And Inter Miami followed that up with another storybook win, coming from two goals down to force extra time in the U.S. Open Cup semi-final against FC Cincinnati, only to concede a late equaliser then win on penalties yet again.


Speaking before that game, in the mixed zone after the Leagues Cup final a few days ago, Beckham said: “Every time Leo [Messi] scores one of these goals, every time Busi [Sergio Busquets] makes one of these passes, every time Jordi [Alba] makes one of these runs, people say ‘Is it a fix?’



It’s the biggest compliment that anyone can give these players because it is like a movie. You watch these players play and it’s emotional because everything about their play is beautiful. Everything about their mannerisms is beautiful and everything about them as individuals, off the pitch, is beautiful.”

If Beckham had written the script himself, it’s unlikely he could have come up with much better. Since striking the groundbreaking deal to sign Messi, all eyes have been on the South Beach club and they have not disappointed.

Messi marked his debut with a stunning free-kick with the last kick of the game which left Beckham visibly emotional in the stands. He’s scored 10 goals and provided three assists in his first eight games including numerous unforgettable moments.

After Messi set up two goals to bring his side back from the brink and reach another Cup final, Beckham wrote on social media: “Another great night in pink. A great performance from the team to reach another final. Very proud.”



Source: Mirror UK





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