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“Daily Step Count Linked to Reduced Risk of Premature Mortality, Study Finds”

August 17, 2023

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A recent meta-analysis featured in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology has unveiled a surprising revelation: one doesn’t have to reach the widely promoted 10,000-step milestone to reap health rewards. Examining data from 17 studies involving 226,889 participants, the analysis highlights the positive impact of any amount of walking on overall health. Remarkably, even taking a seemingly minor 2,337 steps per day reduces cardiovascular death risk, while a daily stroll of 3,967 steps or more minimizes the risk of all-cause mortality.

This research carries significance for those who find the 10,000-step goal daunting. Dr. Keith Ferdinand, head of preventative cardiology at Tulane University School of Medicine, acknowledged the challenges patients face with this target. He stressed the study’s reassurance that some activity, albeit moderate, trumps inactivity. Intriguingly, the study links a lower risk of early death with an increasing step count; those surpassing 20,000 steps daily demonstrate the lowest risk. However, it’s important to note that while some activity suffices, greater advantages await those who can safely manage the recommended 10,000 steps.

Dr. Ferdinand outlined ways to weave physical activity into daily routines, citing light household tasks, gardening, walks with kids, and dog outings as contributors to the recommended 150 minutes of moderate activity per week. He also emphasized the need to factor safety and weather conditions into outdoor walks, especially in scorching summers.

Ultimately, the research underscores the value of movement in all forms for well-being. While the 10,000-step bar isn’t obligatory, any movement beats inertia. The study stands as an encouragement for everyone, particularly those aged 60 and above, to embrace regular walks. Still, the overarching message remains that more activity generally equates to better health, urging individuals to challenge themselves further if it can be done securely and comfortably.

Source: The Press Rundown

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