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Culture Minister Hannatu Musawa Unveils Eight-Point Strategy to Elevate Entertainment and Creative Sectors

August 28, 2023

Hannatu Musawa, the Minister of Art, Culture, and Creative Economy, has introduced a comprehensive eight-point plan aimed at propelling the Nigerian entertainment and creative industry to new heights.

A press release issued on Monday by Maryam Ahman, an official overseeing Destination 2030, highlighted Minister Musawa’s ambitious vision of positioning Nigeria as the global hub for culture, entertainment, and creativity.

Since 2015, the Nigerian creative sector has been identified as a potential significant revenue generator for the country. Notably, in that same year, Nigeria’s GDP reached N94.14 trillion ($308.6 billion), with the creative industries collectively contributing around N5 trillion ($16.4 billion).

Former Central Bank of Nigeria governor, Godwin Emefiele, stated in 2021 that the creative industry’s value was $4.5 billion, a figure which has nearly doubled in value since then.

To further accelerate the economic potential of the creative industry, the Minister aims to provide the necessary tools and resources for the sustained expansion of entertainment, art, and culture.

The statement explained, “We will create job opportunities, establish foreign partnerships, and encourage local collaborations that proudly showcase our rich and distinct national identity both locally and globally, ultimately enhancing our nation’s economic status.”

In addition to the eight-point plan, the press release revealed that numerous initiatives and projects are in the pipeline, including creative hubs and a Nigerian cultural expo. The projects encompass a national entertainment center, a national art gallery, innovative publishing collaborations, and a gaming sandbox project.

“We are establishing a globally recognized film festival, a culinary academy led by a Michelin-star chef, and a fashion foundry,” stated the Minister.

The Eight-Point Plan:

  1. Nigeria Destination 2030: A national initiative to foster growth in arts, culture, and the creative economy with the goal of positioning Nigeria as Africa’s creative capital.
  2. Skill Acquisition: Equipping talents through comprehensive training programs across the country.
  3. Policy Frameworks and Revenue Generation: Accelerating the creation and implementation of policies that stimulate revenue, job creation, and sustainable growth in the sector.
  4. Strategic Partnerships: Facilitating public-private partnerships to boost investment, infrastructure development, technology, and innovation hubs in the creative economy.
  5. Global Positioning: Aiming to place Nigeria among the top 20 globally in terms of GDP contribution and other growth indicators.
  6. Enabling Business Environment: Utilizing technology to create a conducive business environment.
  7. Enabling Business Environment: Utilizing technology to create a conducive business environment.
  8. Preserving Cultural Heritage: Ensuring the preservation of Nigeria’s cultural heritage and promoting sustainability.

Minister Musawa emphasized that the plan is driven by a mandate from both the presidency and the people to cultivate the sector, generating new jobs, revenue, robust policy frameworks, and supporting artistic expressions that draw from Nigeria’s greatest resource: its people.

The Minister recognized the creative economy’s role in the digital age as a realm of ideas, innovation, and invention, urging stakeholders across the nation to collaborate for the sector’s enhancement.

Ultimately, she underscored that a strong creative and cultural economy serves as a crucial driver of growth, offering an opportunity to expedite Nigeria’s local and global development.

Credit: Premium Times

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