July 22, 2024
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Controversy in London: Posters of Missing Israeli Children Torn Down Amidst Pro-Palestinian Protests

October 14, 2023







Palestine supporters appear to have torn down posters of missing Israeli children in London.

Footage shared on social media shows two women ripping the flyers from walls in Camden.

The Metropolitan Police said it was aware of the footage, and it is being assessed.

Posters showing the faces of men, women and children believed to have been abducted by Hamas at the weekend have been put up in London and other cities across Europe in an effort to raise awareness of the situation.

As many as 150 people are thought to have been taken hostage, including babies under a year old.

A video shared on Twitter shows posters stuck to phone boxes bearing the word “kidnapped” alongside pictures, names and ages of those thought to have to have been taken.

In another video posted by the same person, two women can be seen tearing similar posters off the walls in Millbrook Place, Camden.

People can be heard remonstrating with the women, with one voice asking: “Why don’t you do something for Palestine?”

One of the women removing posters replies: “This is for Palestine”.

Another voice argues that support for Palestine and Israeli hostages is “not mutually exclusive”, adding: “It’s children, it’s innocent people”.

The woman replies angrily: “What about the children in Palestine?

One of the posters appears to show a two-year-old child.

Some of them are discarded on the pavement after being ripped off the wall.

Another video posted to Twitter showed a group of people sticking up similar posters showing the faces and names of missing people on the walls of the BBC’s Broadcasting House.

The BBC News style guide states that the word “terrorist” should not be used without attribution, instead suggesting words such as bomber, attacker, gunman, kidnapper, insurgent and militant.

Among the children believed to have been taken hostage are Ariel, four, and Kfir Silberman Bibas, nine months, who were seized with their mother, Shiri.

At an event in London on Thursday, Noam Sagi and Sharone Lifschitz, whose elderly parents were taken from Kibbutz Nir Oz, asked for all hostages to be returned safely.

Mr Sagi said his 75-year-old mother, Aga was taken on Saturday, while Ms Lifschitz said her parents, 85 and 83, are also missing from Kibbutz Nir Oz.


Culled from The Telegraph

photo Credit: Elad Simchayoff/X

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