July 24, 2024
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Chinese Embassy in Abuja Casts Doubt on Reports of Discrimination Against Nigerians at Chinese Supermarket (Videos)

April 22, 2024




The Chinese Embassy in Abuja has questioned the validity of recent reports alleging discrimination against Nigerians at a Chinese supermarket in the nation’s capital. Following widespread outrage over the allegations, a source within the embassy, speaking on condition of anonymity, expressed skepticism regarding the accuracy of the claims.

In a statement to Leadership correspondent on Monday, the embassy source criticized the reports as “mischievous,” emphasizing the historically strong diplomatic ties between Nigeria and China. The source cited the extensive travel of Nigerians to China for business and other purposes, suggesting that such discriminatory practices would be inconsistent with the experiences of Nigerians in China.

The controversy arose after an online edition of a national daily reported on Sunday that a Chinese supermarket, located at the China General Chamber of Commerce along Umaru Musa Yar’Adua Road in Abuja, had allegedly barred Nigerians from accessing its premises. According to the report, the supermarket management had purportedly implemented a policy restricting entry to only Chinese individuals, without providing any justification for the decision.

A store officer quoted in the report confirmed the directive, stating, “for now they (management) have stopped everything… The shop is only meant for Chinese people.” The officer indicated that the policy had been enforced since the beginning of the year, leading to the exclusion of Nigerians from the establishment.

In response to these allegations, the source from the Chinese Embassy urged caution in accepting the reports at face value, suggesting that they may not accurately reflect the realities of Chinese-Nigerian interactions. The source emphasized the welcoming and non-discriminatory nature of Chinese society, citing the positive experiences of Nigerians who have visited China in the past.

The controversy has sparked debate and raised concerns about potential instances of discrimination in commercial establishments within Nigeria.

Watch as the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission seal up the store:

Credit: Leadership

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