June 25, 2024
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Brand Accuses Nigerian Chef Hilda Baci of Contract Breach

June 13, 2023

A brand has ignited a social media firestorm by publicly accusing renowned Nigerian chef Hilda Baci of breaching a N3 million contract. The controversy began when an eye-catching flier promoting a N25,000 meet and greet event with Hilda went viral, causing a frenzy among her fans.

To the surprise of many, Hilda swiftly took to Twitter to disavow any involvement with the event, vehemently denying her participation. She clarified her position in a tweet, stating, “Hi everyone, this is to inform everyone that I’m not doing any meet and greet in Abuja. I would also never ask anyone to pay for such. Thanks.

However, the brand behind the event has now stepped forward, making serious allegations against Hilda. According to a statement shared on their official Instagram page, the brand claims to have paid Hilda a substantial N3 million advance payment, securing her commitment to the event. The brand asserts that all arrangements, including promotional materials, had been finalized based on their agreement with Hilda. The sudden denial from Hilda regarding any prior knowledge of the event has left them deeply disconcerted.

The repercussions of Hilda’s actions on the brand’s reputation have been significant, prompting them to pursue legal action to address the matter. In their statement, the brand expressed their regrets over the cancellation of the highly anticipated event, which was scheduled for June 24, 2023. They apologized sincerely to their valued customers for any inconvenience caused by this unforeseen turn of events.

The brand’s statement also highlighted the extent of their preparations, emphasizing that both parties had agreed to publicize the event after an advance payment was made to Hilda. The denial of any prior knowledge by Hilda had a profoundly negative impact on the brand’s reputation, leading them to take the necessary legal steps to seek justice in this complex situation.



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