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Beyoncé Causes Stir by Omitting Lizzo’s Name in Song Remix Amid Controversy

August 2, 2023

Photo Credit: Fresh Flickz/Splash News.com


In a surprising move on Tuesday, Beyoncé caught fans off guard by excluding Lizzo’s name during a remix of her song “Break My Soul.” This comes as Lizzo faces allegations of sexual harassment and a hostile work environment. The track, originally a tribute to black women in the entertainment industry, typically featured Lizzo, known for “About Damn Time.” Beyoncé, 41, replaced Lizzo’s name with Erykah Badu, even as Lizzo’s name remained on the screen behind her.

Numerous videos circulating on social media platforms depict the “Single Ladies” singer’s adjustment during the performance. While Beyoncé’s representatives were contacted by The Post for comment, fans have been quick to share their thoughts. Some laud Beyoncé’s subtle shade, commending her for granting attention to Erykah Badu instead. Others joked about the situation, with one fan suggesting that “Beyoncé canceled Lizzo.”

The incident sparked a debate among fans, with one side defending Lizzo, arguing that she wasn’t the only omission in the tribute, and reminding everyone of the principle “innocent until proven guilty.” In contrast, the lawsuit filed by three former dancers against Lizzo has amplified concerns. The dancers allege that Lizzo weight-shamed them and coerced them into participating in explicit performances.

Plaintiffs Arianna Davis and Crystal Williams, along with Noelle Rodriguez, claim Lizzo created an uncomfortable atmosphere during an outing that escalated into inappropriate interactions. These allegations seem at odds with Lizzo’s public image, leaving many disappointed. The lawsuit seeks damages for the dancers and their legal fees, emphasizing the disconnect between Lizzo’s public persona and her alleged behavior behind the scenes.









Attorney Ron Zambrano, who represents the dancers, expressed astonishment at the contradiction between Lizzo’s public stance and her alleged mistreatment of her performers. The lawsuit continues to highlight the importance of addressing allegations within the entertainment industry while remembering the presumption of innocence until proven otherwise.


Source: New York Post

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