April 21, 2024
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Benue State Governor, Fr. Alia receives backlash on Social Media after Commissioning a Renovated Tennis Court.

March 31, 2024


Earlier this week, the governor of Benue state Fr. Alia posted on his X (former Twitter) social media page to celebrate his achievement.

In his words, he said, “Today, I am delighted to announce the successful completion and commissioning of the renovated tennis court at the Makurdi Club, located in the heart of Makurdi, Benue State, in our ongoing efforts to enhance recreational facilities within our beloved state.”





However, in what was supposed to be a celebration of an accomplishment, Netizens expressed concerns and displeasure with the project, and his priorities in allocation of resources, believing it not befitting of a governor as it appears to be unworthy of celebrating in that magnitude.


@Tanimolaolawal1 : Is there no shame in your dictionary? How can you as a governor commission tennis court? BENUE IS CAUSED WITH BAD LEADERS.


@SegunOladejo_ :  I can’t even see any renovation in this court


@Teejayviruz : Shame no dey catch you?


@Kemilayoups :  It was repainted. A governor repainted the floor of a tennis court and is happily posting it. A governor ooooo!!!!.



@Temodent : Seriously, I’m going to hide my disappointment. This is even being done with much fanfare doesn’t appeared you’re as serious and effective as I had imagined i hope you won’t be worse off than Mr. Fiam fiam.


@GovvmentJ : Father reverend thank you o.. Sing Hymn 213 make we dance Abeg


@Nathanieliorts : Mr Governor you should not be commissioning things like these, you have commissioners and Deputy Governor, this is how Ortom commission Wheelbarrows. Benue people are behind you, please give them good reason to vote for you again come 2027


@IchukwudiJ : If U Join PDAPC Even If You Are A Saint Or Angel There’s Nothing Much U Can Achieve With Baggages Of Akume/Tinubu Or Ortom/Wike.
So Sorry 4 Benue People
Where’s Our YesFada OBiDIENTS?
We Warned About it in 2022
Ask OBiDIENTS4Mbah OBiDIENTS4Sherrif Or OBiDIENTS4Uzodimma How Far?




In less than a year after taking office, Fr. Alia—who many in the state have remarked has not started badly in terms of bringing the state forward—appears to be embroiled in multiple political conflicts.

How he wriggles himself out of these issues remains interesting.

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