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Anambra losing N40bn yearly for ignoring Ogbunike cave – Group (4)

August 25, 2023

A group, Team Make Ogbunike Great (TMOG) has lamented that Anambra state government was losing about N40 billion internally generated revenue (IGR) yearly, over the failure to invest on and utilise Ogbunike cave, a tourist hub in Oyi local government area of the state.

The TMOG coordinator, Dr. Harris Chuma, who disclosed this at a media parley, described the cave as a billion dollar economic hub with potential to improve the state IGR significantly if well harnessed.

He called on Governor Chukwuma Soludo to consider investing in the Ogbunike cave as according to him, it would help the state diversify her economy, especially as the state will on August 27, 2023 mark her 32 years anniversary.

“It is no longer news that the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO has acknowledged this fact by recognizing the Ogbunike Cave as a World Heritage Centre. This badge of honour is yet to be fully exploited by successive governments of the state, and has been lying fallow, not minding the enormous advantages therein.

“It is pertinent to note that the location of our town Ogbunike is quite strategic. With close proximities to Onitsha, Asaba Airport as well as the Anambra International Cargo Airport, it is a proof that this will be a gold mine when harnessed properly. Apart from the Cave as a structural beauty, Ogbunike Town is blessed with numerous cultural festivals like Nwafor, New Yam Festival, etc, which span across seasons and months of the year, and could be cojoined.

“An independent survey carried out by TMOG has revealed that Ogbunike Town has the potential to add N40bn annually to the economy of Anambra state, if her tourism possibilities are well harnessed. These will come from inflows from tourists, patronage of hospitality resorts and taxes from workers in the hospitality sector of the town.

“Any government interested in increasing the IGR of the state and doesn’t factor in the Ogbunike cave and other revenues surrounding the facility, including the market, parks and other businesses, is not serious. Ogbunike holds a very powerful resource base for the state. If government builds a 5-star hotel around the cave just as it did by Agulu lake, people will come from all areas of the world to explore the cave,” he stated.


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